Classified Waters Licence

The classified waters of British Columbia are specially designated trout streams.  Classified Waters Licences are intended to maintain the unique fishing opportunities provided by these waters, which contribute significantly to the province's reputation as a world class fishing destination.


Anglers must buy a Classified Waters Licence, in addition to the Basic Licence, before fishing on a stream during the period when it is classified.


A Classified Waters Licence allows B.C. Residents to fish on any classified water during the licensing year (April 1st to March 31st).  For Non-Residents, the Classified Waters Licence is sold on a per diem basis and is date and water specific. Although anglers may purchase as many Classified Waters Licences as they wish, each licence may not exceed 8 consecutive days.


Note: For the Dean River Draw in Region 5, an angler who is "Not a Canadian Resident" may only purchase one Classified Waters Licence for the Dean River per year.


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